Over the years, I've developed a personal philosophy about writing.

When you go to the theatre, you have an expectation ― that you will be involved, intrigued, entertained and will come away with something memorable.

My goal is to bring this same quality to your event or project. Words should move your message along, tell your story, and communicate the purpose for voicing them.

We are all a sum total of our experiences. We laugh, we cry, we are touched and, at times, even transformed. Our experiences form our fabric and really cannot be separated from who we are.

The CEO of an ad agency where I worked once told me, "Just remember that the top executives you're presenting to in this boardroom are the very same people who take their kids to McDonald's on weekends."

I also learned to take the hanger out of my jacket when I write — write actively, not passively, and don't shoot for the 50-cent word if it complicates the message. Sometimes while I'm writing, I literally stop and ask myself out loud, "Marilyn, what are you really trying to say here?" Once I answer that question, I move on.

I like to think my background brings a unique skill set to the table. My advertising copywriting days have given me a marketing context and the knowledge that sponsors can never be thanked too much and that CEOs and Board members deserve my honest input.

I pride myself on having the ability to write in many voices. Though we all share a common humanity, no two of us are alike. That's what I love about what I do ― each project is different, and so are the people involved.

If you give me the opportunity to work with you, we'll talk about what you want your event to accomplish and maybe what has prevented you from achieving it in the past. I'll ask you what you want the audience to know about your organization or to have reinforced, and what's the take-away. Let's have that conversation ― soon.
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