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How my Bagel Books came to be

How my Bagel Books came to be
  I Married a Bagel...

I married a Bagel…

…and as a writer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn my namesake into a publishing opportunity. That and sitting next to a publisher at a cocktail party. Yes, the idea for my first book was sold with a drawing on a cocktail napkin.

Bagel Bible

In addition to the fact that bagels are not just for breakfast anymore, they are the “teddy bear of foods,” a term of endearment I coined for them. I filled my books with bagel history and lore, recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, munchies, and even desserts.

I included a chapter on how to make your own bagels as well as a celebrity chapter where I interviewed bagel-loving celebs about their favorite bagels. But don’t look for a bagel endorsement from legendary Broadway producer Hal Prince. He told me he’s not a bagel lover, but if I change my name to Blueberry Muffin to get back in touch.