As President and CEO of Rita's Franchise Company and former President and CEO of Fantastic Sams, I have relied on Marilyn Bagel for executive communications and annual meeting presentations. Her ability to work with me and grasp the critical content elements and provide a high-impact and entertaining framework is unmatched. She works to understand the context of the communication relative to the speaker/author and the audience in a way that ensures the optimum tone and desired reception. Marilyn has organized our run-of-show details for several conventions. Marilyn has worked with senior leaders to create and deliver their message to audiences in a clear, concise and fun way. She’s creative in how to inject humor in the delivery that is always appropriate and fun. Without exception, I am always impressed with her innovative and insightful approach to taking the message and transforming it into a powerful, impactful delivery.

Linda Chadwick
President & CEO
Rita’s Franchise Company

Our annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) STEM Conference comprises five major recognition events that take place within a three-day period and are attended by more than 10,000 people. This requires the ability to handle an extraordinary set of scriptwriting-related demands, ranging from a multitude of award recipients to our many prominent sponsor presenters. Marilyn's ability to keep it all moving forward while maintaining a high degree of ingenuity and integrity is a huge asset to our company. She also does the same for our annual National Women Technology Awards STEM Conference.

Dr. Tyrone Taborn
Chairman and CEO
Career Communications Group

Marilyn is a welcome addition to our special events team. I have been partnering with her for a few years now and feel lucky to have found her. She has an uncanny ability to communicate the message in a thoughtful and meaningful way. I know our clients are in good hands because she is fully invested in understanding the story behind the words.

Jordan Schneyer
Vice President, Project Management
Precon Events

If I could work with Marilyn Bagel on each of my programs, I would! Marilyn offers my clients a complete level of service that is beyond any expectation that I had when we first started working together. Her ability to assist us with finalizing our details, her responsiveness and willingness to do anything we need (no matter how wild our request!) and the skill and partnership she brings to our team is invaluable. I feel fortunate to work with someone that understands the unusual balance of calm and efficiency that keeps the rest of us on track. It is always fun, always creative and always a partnership.

Marti Balcom
The Balcom Group

Marilyn Bagel is one of the most prolific writers that our company has ever had the privilege of working with. She posses a superior command of the written word and her contribution to the creative process is energizing. Marilyn’s dedication to each project is immeasurable and commitment to excellence unwavering. Her incredible talent continues to shine in everything she touches. The Carlin Company is a stronger, vibrant, more creative organization because of Marilyn’s stellar work.

David Carlin King
Founder and Senior Producer
The Carlin Company

Are you looking for a writer? A speech developer? A wordsmith extraordinaire? Look no further – Marilyn Bagel represents all of that in one! No matter the occasion or the venue, Marilyn will meet with you, get a sense of who you are and what the event is, the messages you want to convey or the impression you want to give, and she will frame the words around what is needed. As the wife of County Executive Ike Leggett and First Lady of Montgomery County, Maryland, for 12 years I have needed, from time to time, to give speeches. I can spend a short period of time with Marilyn to give her the essence of what I want to say. She does her research, works her magic and sends me the speech. It has been perfect every time, needing only minor editing. She captures my voice better than I can! If you’re looking for a writer with a gift of words, a gift of knowing, it is Marilyn Bagel.

Catherine S. Leggett
First Lady, Montgomery County, Maryland, 2006-2018
SVP of Human Resources for not-for-profit agency

Working with Marilyn Bagel is "partnership" personified. She plants herself alongside your desired outcome and becomes part of your team. She listens, really listens, to where you're trying to go and has an almost magical ability to connect to your vision and deliver on it every single time. At Women in Cable Telecommunications, we applaud each opportunity we have to work with her because we know that her writing prowess is absolutely remarkable, and we look forward to the energy she helps us create and sustain to bring a project to fruition.

Marilyn is so responsive that you feel she's working in the office right next door. She never fails to answer an email, a call or a question, working tirelessly until the job is done. If I had to identify a quality I appreciated most, it would have to be the incredible gift she has to relate to the "personality" of a project. She continues to offer her ideas and expertise, but transcends the common mishap of only speaking her own language. Indeed, she explores with you and then takes the emotion behind the words and gives you back what YOU want. She works easily with production crews, commercial agents and talent, delivers on time, follows projects through to the very end, and is always prepared. I cannot say enough about her remarkable talent and overall effectiveness; I award her my highest recommendation and look forward to our next project that allows me to bring her back on board!

Alex Dombronovich
Former Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT)

The year 1992 was significant to me for two reasons. The Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl under the direction of then coach Joe Gibbs, and it was the first time I had the opportunity to work with Marilyn Bagel. The event was a benefit for Joe Gibbs' Youth for Tomorrow, his residential community for troubled teens, and was attended by 2,000 people in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Since then Marilyn and I have worked together on many special events. She is a consummate wordsmith as well as a visual thinker, which makes her an invaluable member of our production team.

Tom Cahill
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